How to Save Time Using Microsoft Outlook Quick Tips

Jan 07 2015

Do you know those days when you’re so busy at work, you have a million things going on, and you just wish there was more time to get to everything done? Most of us use Microsoft Outlook every day, so wouldn’t it be great if we could imagine a way to use it more efficiently? From toggling between windows and accessing different folders, a lot of time and additional keystrokes can really stifle an already hectic day.

There are a whole smorgasbord of tips and tricks available online to help you organize and optimize your Microsoft Outlook. But I am going to give you just one tip that is easy to remember and simple to do.

There is a way to send emails, check your calendar, and look up contacts without having to leave one screen in order to get to the other. At the bottom left of your Outlook screen are a few tabs – Mail – Calendar – People – Tasks. By right clicking on any of these tabs you can open them up in a separate window. The best part about this simple feature is it allows for ease of use, quick access without having to leave your screen, and of course the biggest factor, it can be a huge time saver.

Try this out and see for yourself if it saves you extra steps and the most valuable commodity – your time!

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