How to Recognize the Right ERP Solution for You

Oct 07 2015

 Being new to sitting purely on the implementation side of the table where ERP systems are concerned has been an eye opening experience. It has allowed me to really throw myself into the inner workings and methodologies that go into a successful ERP implementation. This in itself has allowed me to understand the genesis of an issue that can arise long after the implementation, migration, training and customization project has been completed.


As a business grows so will the degree of change that is required to not only remain successful today, but to ensure sustainable profitable growth tomorrow. The need for the “right” ERP solution that can accommodate this growth can be felt in many areas such as:

1. A company’s ability to keep up with demand. As the business continues to grow and expand it is inevitable that the necessary processes will become more complex. Tasks that once seemed very simple such as invoicing can be longer to complete as it is no longer possible to have instant access to the required information. Without instant access to vital information, the decision making process is increasingly strained and in turn the growth and profitability will suffer.

2. Meeting Customer Expectations. As a business grows, so will the need to track customer interactions, manage delivery systems and forecast demand. If the current systems and or software does not provide the ability to do these things, the company will find itself at a major disadvantage in a competitive global market and will not be able to meet the expectations of their customers. This in turn will result in not only lost sales but important and essential opportunities that could be the catalyst to taking the company to newer levels of success.

There are many other scenarios that would be specific to each company’s business process that could and would be a challenge in limiting business growth. The key is to recognize these as soon as possible and pair the most effective ERP solution with your business.  You want to ensure that you are leveraging the optimal technology specific to YOUR enterprise business management and accounting needs. This way you can ensure that you are not just earning revenue, but rather that you are “earning revenue profitably” (ERP)!

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