How to do a Mass Data Migration to Sage X3

Jun 26 2014

A common problem when we move from one ERP system to another is the amount of data which has to be migrated. As a rule lists for Customer, Suppliers and Products are huge. In our recently published blog Sage PFW Migration to Sage X3 posted on March 10 2014, we wrote about migrating Items from Sage PFW to Sage ERP X3 one at a time. In this blog we will show you an improved technique designed to migrate big databases. It will save time and effort!

The main differential from the standard procedure recommended by Sage is the special SQL script developed by Mantralogix. This script allows you to transfer thousands of records by one simple mouse click!

Here is the procedure:

1. Export the data from any ERP to Excel and make your essential modifications (such as removing special characters from the Item Descriptions, changing Options in Excel in order to get proper CSV formatted file, etc.).



2. Import the Excel file to SQL Server as a separate table using the regular import procedure.

3. Run the script (created before for each imported X3 table) which fetches data from the imported table and converts data to CSV file format. Save the results as a CSV file. Import it to X3 using the regular procedure.

4. Open X3 and navigate to Usage à Imports / Exports à Imports which opens the Imports screen.


5. Click Processing and select the CSV file which needs to be imported.


6. Click Execution to start the import.

7. X3 pops up the imports log. Make sure that there are no blocking errors that have occurred.


8. Verify the imported records in specific Module and Screens.


9. Enjoy the fruits of this time saving import technique.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us 1-866-320-8922!

How to do a Mass Data Migration to Sage ERP X3

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