How to Create your own Business Visual Process Flow in Sage X3

Feb 03 2016

Visual processing is the sequence of steps that information takes as it flows from visual sensors to cognitive processing. The purpose of this blog is to show the step by step process to create your own visual process flow for your day to day tasks within Sage X3.

When a process flow is being customized, users will be able to link elements such as reports, Inquiries, Functions, programs and other process flows to their page. This allows a company to have the ability to create a single landing page as an intuitive interface that will allow their employees to customize and design workflows across a variety of functions and applications. Users are also able to create as many Process Flows as they like as well as edit any existing ones.

Note: the procedure to add a ‘Process’ map on a Landing Page is quite different in v7 compared to the drag and drop feature in v6.

Step 1: Pick/create the Process map under ‘Processes’ function

Navigation: Setup> Interactive Dashboard> Processes


Step 2: Create a new ‘Menu Item’

Navigation: Administration> Authoring> Menu Items


  • Add the Process name as per the same code created in the Processes function. Note that there is no look-up option for this field.

  • Keeping the ‘Endpoint’ blank will make the Menu Item accessible for all endpoints.

Step 3: Create a new Landing Page

Navigation: Administration> Authoring> Home Pages

Processes 3

  • Provide a Page name and Title.

  • Select the ‘Menu Item’ from the Vignette column. Provide multiple Endpoints as per the access requirements.

  • Provide the Role so as to see this Landing Page in all the users tagged with this Role.

Once after you have provided these details, create the Landing Page Now, click the ‘Edit Page Content’ button to add the Process to the page as shown below:

  • Click the ‘+’ button to open the ‘Add new gadgets’ window:

  • Select the ‘Processes’ option


  • Select the right Module, Category and Gadget option as per the details provided in the Menu Item function

Processes 5

  • Now you will see that the Process is added to the Landing Page. Click and edit the Tab name as per the requirement. You can add multiple Processes to one Landing Page using the Tabs option.


The user under the selected Role would now be able to see the Landing Page in the profile.

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