How to create customizations patches in Sage X3

Apr 28 2016

According to Wikipedia “a patch is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve it. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs, with such patches usually called bug fixes, and improving the usability or performance.”

Creating a patch file is quite easy with Sage X3! Patches have the specific role of fixing or improving the Sage X3 application.

If you have created customizations in a Sage X3 folder and you need to perform the same or similar changes in another X3 folder, don’t waste your time trying to recreate everything again from scratch. The more efficient solution is to create a patch from the folder you have your customizations in and apply it to the destination folder. . Some details need to be followed to get the expected result.

Step 1: Pick/Create an Activity Code.

Navigation: Development> Data and parameter> Development setup

Activity codes are used to identify changes to standard X3 components.


Step 2:
Automatic patch creation

Navigation: Development> Utilities> Patches>Automatic patch creation

The automatic Patch creation function allows you to select the objects you need to include in your patch file for a specific date range and for a specific user.


Step 3:
Patch creation

Patches are created using the Patch creation function (APATCH) under patches in the Development > Utilities block.

Load the automatic patch file created in step 2


Add/Delete Object to take only the change you need.

Enter the activity code and click to create the patch file. 


Step 4:
Patch integration

Patches are integrated using the patch integration function under patches in the Development > Utilities > Patch integration.

Select the patch file and the destination folder you need to apply the patch. 


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