How to Centralize Print Services

Jul 27 2015

Implementing Microsoft Windows Server Print Services will increase your teams’ productivity by centralizing the deployment and management of all of your companies’ network printers.

How do you do this?  Follow these implementation steps:


  1. Install the Print Services role on a Windows 20012 R2 Server

  2. Install the printer drivers on the Print Server and share the printers to your Active Directory domain user groups. This task will centralize the management of your printers.

  3. Deploy your printers to all of your users in one step which means you do not have to go to each user and install the printer manually.

  4. Deploy a Print Server console for each printer by using a domain group policy and then assign the group policy to the organizational unit in Microsoft Active Directory.

Now the printers will be deployed and mapped to the user after they login to the domain.

This approach makes managing your IT more efficient allowing you to get back to your core strengths.  Need help setting this up?  Call or contact Mantralogix at 1-866-320-8922 and we’d be pleased to assist you!

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