How to Automate Business Forms by Liaison Messenger EDD

Dec 29 2014

Organizations may invest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for reasons such as:

  1. Improve internal business processes
  2. Improve interaction between customers and suppliers
  3. Improve communication amongst functional departments

An out of the box ERP often times will not address or resolve all the organizational challenges. Having a Sage Add-on solution that compliments your ERP will increase the probability of achieving expected benefits.

One such Sage Add-on solution is Liaison Messenger EDD available for all Sage ERP applications. Messenger EDD utilizes your EXISTING forms & reports and assigns predetermined rules of distribution associated to each report / document; takes care of batch emailing and batch faxing of business forms. These rules, or scripts, are utilized at the time the reports are printed. Printing procedures of business forms & reports remain consistent with current processes but are printed with Messenger EDD’s intelligent print driver. All distribution (e-mailing, faxing, printing, archiving, routing) is automated and takes place in the background from the Messenger EDD server.


Having this Automated Form and Report Distribution solution will result in an improved workflow of batch emailing and batch faxing of business forms. Simply print your forms and reports to the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver. The output is captured, routed and processed by the Messenger EDD Server. Email, fax, print, archive, FTP, attach, distribute forms, reports, files automatically using the email addresses, fax numbers, and addressing information for the respective customers, vendors, and employees found in your Sage ERP system

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