How do you use the Sage Intelligence Reporting Tool?

Sage Intelligence is a great reporting tool that can be integrated with Sage 300, Sage 500 or Sage X3, pulling real-time data into Excel templates. This is potentially the biggest advantage of Sage Intelligence since most of us are very familiar with Excel spreadsheets and can do a lot of analysis in terms of “cutting and splicing” meaningful data from our ERP.

Basically, Sage Intelligence is built for creating reports for Financial Statements with its handy drag-and-drop templates in Excel. But it doesn’t end there. There are other extremely helpful features that can help users in great ways!

Sage Intelligence can pull “any” data from an ERP system and not just Financial Statements! With simple SQL queries, you can build your own report templates and tweak them to a desired format combining the powerful features of Excel.

Here’s a quick run through of how it works:

Step 1: Create a SQL query in the Connector module – that fetches the data from desired tables and columns


Step 2:
Save the query with the report’s name.


Step 3: Call the SQL query from the ‘Report Manager’



Step 4:
Add the ‘Column Fields’. You may choose to select all.



Step 5:
Run the Report!




This will open the Excel sheet with the required columns and real-time data populated. This is raw data and hence needs to be formatted as per the required formats/styles.




Step 6: Format the template using Pivot Tables

With Pivot table feature in Excel, a great format of the report could be built – arranging data in rows, columns and filters.



With better formatting, your final template may look like this:



Step 7: Save this Report Template, so that the report always populates in this format!

Other Interesting features of Sage Intelligence:

  1. Run macros on the created SQL query
  2. Scheduled Tasks for automatic saving of reports in specified system folders
  3. Automatic Saving of reports in various formats – like .XLS and .PDF
  4. Scheduled emailing of the report to a list of recipients – this will generate the real-time reports as of that time.

These features will greatly reduce the time to save and share reports. To know more about Sage Intelligence integration with your ERP and to create customized SQL based reports, feel free to contact Mantralogix at 1-866-320-8922 and one of our certified consultants will be happy to help you!


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