How Big Can the Cloud-based ERP Market Grow in 2015?

Jul 02 2015

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems will be a key consideration as software applications transition to cloud-based technologies, which is projected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next several years. The International Data Corporation (IDC) is predicting that 27.8% of enterprise applications will be cloud-based by 2018, which is a significant jump from 16.6% in 2013.

best_practiceThese and other findings are from a recent Forbes article on the subject. Of the many areas of software that are predicted to grow, one of the greatest shifts will be in the area of ERP applications.

2015 will be an exceptional year of growth for cloud-based ERP systems due to the following factors:

  • Many manufacturers are seeing their business models changing faster than their legacy ERP systems can keep pace. Cloud-based ERP software will allow companies to adapt their IT systems and architectures faster in response to rapidly changing market requirements.
  • Supply chains are also going global faster than legacy ERP systems can keep pace. Adopting cloud-based ERP software could allow for scaling at a less expensive rate than with traditional, on-premise infrastructure.
  • Two-tier ERP strategies will increasingly become commonplace in 2015, mainly as the result of manufacturing companies looking to unify their diverse production centers. Two-tier ERP strategies also allow for things like achieving faster time-to-market while reducing costs but not compromising quality.

In 2015, scalability and speed will be two ways for companies to win against competitors, both of which can potentially be achieved by moving your ERP application to the cloud. 

For more in-depth information, you can read the original Forbes article here.

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