Hello Pegg! The smart personal assistant for your business.

Oct 17 2016

In the last 10 years, apps and texting have become such an integral part of our life. Take a moment and think about how often you text in a day. Chances are, it’s pretty often. Our personal lives are very much centered on and around mobile, and soon, so will our business lives – but this doesn’t have to be something that we fear.


Thanks to bots, our working lives are about to get easier. We’re already using many in our day-to-day activities, from Slack to Siri, A.I. is your new best friend that works so your life is easier. 

This month at our highly anticipated MantraVision 2016 event, we’re happy to showcase Sage’s new bot, Pegg. First introduced in Chicago at Sage Summit in late July, Pegg bot is your accounting department’s key to ease of access and efficiency.

Pegg, a first-of-its-kind accounting bot is a smart assistant, built to help remove “the complexities from accounting software and enables entrepreneurs to manage finances through conversation,” says Sage CEO Stephen Kelly. Pegg is easy to use – users can easily track expenses by messaging via their favourite app, such as Facebook Messenger and Slack.

In a conscious effort to help you and your company move away from the paper chase, Sage has created a tool that will eradicate the need for paper and time-guzzling data entry.

As Sage states, “The freelance and ‘gig economy’ is on the rise – by 2020, it’s predicted that 50% of the US workforce will be made up of freelancers.” This new generation of businesses needs a new way of managing their day-to-day processes. 65% of business owners don’t use any of the existing accounting software packages, describing them as complicated and cumbersome and instead, in many cases, opt for pen and paper.


On top of making accounting easier, Pegg aims to make accounting invisible, and more conversational.

Contact Kriti Sharma, Director Bots and AI at Sage for more information on Pegg.

Learn more about Pegg and other helpful Sage tools – right from the source! 

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