You Heard Right. We’re Now A Gold Partner With Acumatica!

Apr 09 2019
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Just a short year ago, in March 2018, Mantralogix announced that we had become a Certified Acumatica Partner. Now we are here to announce that we are officially a GOLD Certified Acumatica Partner! This is a tremendous accomplishment for our team that leverages almost 25 years of experience helping customers.


About Acumatica

Acumatica is an industry leading cloud ERP partner who empowers small to mid-sized businesses with the tools they need to grow in their industry. Their solutions include industry-specific applications built on cloud and mobile technology, in addition to a unique customer-centric licensing model. Specifically, they offer, but are not limited to, integrated business management applications that help businesses focus on financials, distribution, CRM, and project accounting, on a robust and flexible platform. For more information please, visit:


Becoming a Certified Partner allowed us to stay on top of innovative changes and trends, specifically through the ERP technologies Acumatica offers. Whether it’s for adaptable private and public cloud or mobile technologies, they have allowed us to offer more solutions for mid-sized businesses that are unique to their needs.


But What Does It Mean To Be A GOLD Certified Partner?

Now that Mantralogix is a Gold Certified Partner with Acumatica, it means that we can provide you with even more than before. We have access to tools that allow us to offer Acumatica Demo Licenses and use of their Cloud xRP Platform. We also have access to Acumatica’s Online University allowing us to continue to learn new ways to help our customers. In addition, being a Gold Partner means that we have Certified Business Consultants, as well as a Certified Sales Consultant, Application Engineer, and Application Specialist. We are recognized solution experts and certified problem solvers.


Please join us in celebrating this success and great milestone as we continue to be excited to be recognized as a strategic Acumatica partner!


How Being Able To Offer More, Can Help You: A Case Study

For years, many family-owned businesses struggle to grow because there are too many moving parts holding them back. One success story from Boulder Creek Stone, a family-owned manufacturing facility, shows how important it is for businesses to find and implement tools like Acumatica if they want to continue to scale. For years they struggled as they used a mix of different systems to manage their business. Over time they found that the systems they were using were not in sync with one another as each system found different pieces of information important. This ultimately caused difficulties when trying to boost efficiency as time was lost reentering or reviewing data. As a part of their drive to grow, they implemented Acumatica and saw results almost immediately as it streamlined operations, saved money, and eliminated repetitive data entry. Without properly trained partners like Mantralogix, spreading knowledge and information about platforms that can limit these problems and boost success, businesses like Boulder Creek Stone may still be struggling. Luckily, they were provided with the right information and support to move their business forward!


Interested in learning more about Boulder Creek Stone’s success and how Acumatica can help you? Check out their case study here:


For any questions regarding how Acumatica can help your business, or what industry-specific applications it offers, please contact the Mantralogix Team today!



“We are very excited to partner with Acumatica. This partnership allows us to truly demonstrate the two decades of experience that our team has in Manufacturing, Distribution/Wholesale & Field Service industries.” Kerry Mann, Founder, and President of Mantralogix

“Mantralogix is a tremendous addition to our Acumatica partner community.  They have helped hundreds of organizations throughout Canada, and the US, and their decision to become a Certified Acumatica Partner is an honor for us.  They understand the needs of their marketplace, and they have acquired exceptional knowledge of the Acumatica solution. We expect great things from Mantralogix and to date, they have certainly met all of our expectations.” Geoff Ashley, Vice President, Partner Strategy and Programs at Acumatica

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