Four steps to protecting your company from a data breach

Mar 19 2014

Data breach protection and prevention requires a thoughtful, realistic, and proactive approach to security across your organization. Everything from your vulnerability to your risk tolerance must be assessed. Below are four steps to protecting your company from a data breach. Applying this step by step process will yield a more comprehensive and intelligent security environment.

data breach prevention risk tolerance

1. Prioritize your business objectives and set your risk tolerance

Striking a balance between protecting data assets and enabling productive, innovative workplaces has challenged security professionals for decades. The truth is that there is no such thing as 100% security. As such, hard decisions need to be made around the different levels of protection needed for different parts of the business.

data breach proactive security plan2. Protect your organization with a proactive security plan

Awareness is the name of the game in this critical stage of security planning. Understanding the threat landscape, and actively working to protect your organization against those threats, requires both technology and policy.


data breach a sophisticated attack

3. Prepare your response to the inevitable: a sophisticated attack

With the constant evolution of advanced persistent threats – hackers intend on finding vulnerability – it is certain that eventually your organization will succumb to a data breach. Having a coordinated and tested response plan is critical at a time like this, as is access to the right resources and skills.


data breach security awareness4. Promote and support a culture of security awareness

All it takes is one careless employee to undo a Chief Security Officer’s master plan. That’s why every employee must work in partnership with security professionals to ensure the safety of corporate data. And security must be built into the culture of the organization.


Have questions or need more help with putting the right level of security into place in your organization? Give us a call – we are experts in data breach prevention and protection and have experience in working in all different types of security environments.

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