5 Traits To Look For In Your Field Service Management System

Jul 23 2018
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With the fast pace that businesses are changing, it’s crucial for every business owner to know exactly what they should be looking for when they’re ready to implement new software. As there are a variety of brands out there, you need one that will ensure the growth of your company while remaining cutting edge and easy to use. This couldn’t be more true when a business is looking for a field service management solution to improve their field service operations.


1. It Needs To Streamline Operations


For your Field Service Management System to be cost-effective, many business owners feel as though it needs to be able to streamline operations. Without the ability to make tasks more efficient, there’s no need to update your software. But in the age where everything is getting faster, and businesses are always looking to improve so they can stay a leader in their industry, they must ensure that what their company is investing in, will streamline most, if not all, business tasks.


2. User Experience Should Be Outstanding


How many times have you been troubled by software because it’s freezing, or can’t take on what you need it to do? This should never happen with any software or solution that your business implements. Especially with the technological advancements and new solutions that are out there! As your time is more valuable than ever before, you need to adopt tech-based solutions that will be a seamless transition for both you and your team to implement. 


3. Provides Insights To Better Your Business


If you’re not shown data about your business, how can you possibly change things to make it better? With every technological change that you make, it should as well, include insights so you can use the data to improve and grow your company. While this is applicable for nearly any business, it’s crucial for companies who rely on a Field Service Management system as part of their business. Having accurate and up-to-date information about service orders, appointments, warranties, and even costs, available to you at the click of a button is crucial for any business owner who wants to grow.


4. Automation Technology


With automation technology advancing, more businesses are learning about how they can adopt innovative tools to not only save time and energy but increase profits as well. Regardless of your business, there are always tasks that your Field Service Management system could automate to streamline operations and improve accuracy. Not only does this include simple acts of tracking inventory or customer purchases, but report creation and analytics.


5. Customizable


Just like with any software, one size doesn’t always fit all. The software solution you choose for your business should be as unique as you are, as no two businesses are exactly the same. With every company, there are different products, goals, skills and even needs that your software needs to take into consideration. By choosing a solution that doesn’t allow for cutting-edge customization, you risk not being able to reach your fullest potential or even having errors in accuracy. Ultimately, bringing down the performance of your business.


Acumatica Is Your Solution


When you’re searching for a Field Service Management system, you need one that not only streamlines operations while providing outstanding user experience, but one that offers insights, allows for automation and is customizable. Acumatica embodies each of these traits in a single software. As a leader in cloud business management, it allows for small and mid-sized businesses to drive growth through its unique customer-centric licensing model while providing a robust and flexible platform. Additionally, its SaaS ERP and cloud technology helps to keep your business innovative and cutting edge. Regardless of your goals, the solution to reaching them could be closer than you think. Contact a Mantralogix representative today to learn more about Acumatica and how it can better your Field Service Management.

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