Fake Cloud Software And Your Business

Sep 19 2018
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Often, before migrating to the cloud, businesses research different companies and general information about what they should expect when migrating. But what many may overlook is the problem that arrives when companies claim to have cloud-based solutions, but actually, do not. Products such as these have been deemed ‘Fake Cloud Software’ and awareness needs to occur as Fake Cloud services could be unknowingly harming the efficiency and operations of many businesses.

What Is The Cloud?

The cloud, or otherwise known as cloud computing, is a service that many software companies offer businesses to help them store data remotely and digitally. And recently, it has become popular for business owners to implement because it uses the Internet of things and remote technology to store applications, networks, servers as well as digital copies of files so anyone within the company can easily access it remotely. This offers the benefit of no longer needing to backup files on CD’s or external hard drives, shrinking the physical storage required to hold files, decreasing paper use, increasing the ability to streamline operations, as well, it brings a new level of productivity and resourcefulness to teams. But with any innovative technology, there are always some problems that could arise. And recently, it’s the creation of ‘Fake Cloud Software’.

True Cloud vs Fake Cloud Software

Not all Cloud programs are the same, and while this can refer to the type of functionality or industry a program should be used for, it also refers to its legitimacy and quality. When a Cloud service is deemed as being ‘Fake Cloud’ software, it is unable to successfully embody much of the characteristics of a True Cloud software like automation upgrades, remote readiness, data backup, disaster recovery or security. Additionally, it can bring a number of problems once it’s implemented.

Problems That Fake Cloud Software Can Bring

Purchasing Fake Cloud software may seem like a cheaper option for basically the same services as True Cloud software, but business owners must understand the risks that they are taking when they willing purchase Fake Cloud software. Most importantly, how the problems can potentially cost you not only in regards to your reputation, legitimacy, and productivity, but your finances. Using Fake Cloud software could hold many drawbacks such as;

  • Timely and delayed upgrades in addition to poor security or support,
  • Customizations and integrations being costly or not available,
  • An increased risk of downtime from updates or servicing,
  • And the financial viability of the company you’ve purchased from.

How To Spot True Cloud Software

Just like with any purchase, it’s important that you always take a moment to perform research not only about the product you want to buy but the company you are buying it from. When planning to migrate to the cloud, it’s crucial to take a moment to check the viability of the firm, but whether it’s a true ERP system that includes;

  • Full functionally and reporting,
  • Personalization and customization,
  • The ability to integrate spreadsheets, data services, apps, and even, equipment within the software,
  • Proof that the software was built using modern and commonly available tools and standards,
  • The choice of paying by resource usage, not only by the users,
  • Industry-standard security,
  • As well as simple and automatic upgrades.

Migrating Away From Fake Cloud Software To The True Cloud

It’s important that you have the right resources at your disposal so you can truly see your business succeed and thrive. One of the most important ways to do this is to have True Cloud software embedded into the core of your business so you can allow your company to stay productive, efficient and innovative. To make your search for True Cloud software easier, trust us when we say that Mantralogix only offers the best and most advanced options because we understand how problematic imitation software could be. Contact our Support Team today to learn more about how the Cloud could help your business, and how we offer a true solution, specifically through our Acumatica software.

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