ERP Software For Process Manufacturing Helps Companies Get Back On Their Feet

Dec 02 2014

375px-Parmigiano_reggiano_factoryFood and beverage companies are part of the process manufacturing business sector; process manufacturing is the combination of raw materials that, once combined, cannot be separated back into the original components. 

The economic decline of 2008 caused many process manufacturing facilities to flail, and many are still struggling to make a comeback. This is partially because product recalls have been increasing due to defective raw materials. In response, the agencies monitoring the industry have become hyper-vigilant, enacting new environmental and safety regulations and making this sector one of the most actively regulated.

So how does a business in the food and beverage industry move forward while maintaining full regulatory compliance as well as remaining competitive and profitable?

With enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERPs are advantageous for process manufacturing businesses because they offer complete visibility into the business’s processes. 

Take labeling, for example. Labeling is an area that seriously affects the flow of raw materials. Mislabeling any material in a supply chain causes a regulatory compliance issue, which could result in a product recall and government fines. With an ERP system, the flow of raw materials can be watched from beginning to end in real-time and mistakes can be caught and fixed immediately. 

Another area paramount to the food and beverage processing industry is the monitoring of chemicals. There are guidelines that cover accountability, from transport to use and disposal of chemicals; these guidelines reduce the risk of having and/or losing a bad batch of chemicals. Quality control and compliance are both improved in this area, as the ERP system offers real-time data that provides immediate traceability for the recall and/or tracking of lot shipments. 

An ERP system at a process manufacturing business means that, in the end, the customer is guaranteed a safe and marketable product, while the company delicately balances the needs of providing great service, controlling costs, and being compliant with environmental and safety regulations. The ERP system makes the company’s job easier by also allowing for the monitoring and customization of other business areas, including invoices, purchase orders, shipping information, etc. 

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