ERP Software Enhances, Not Replaces, Human Resources

Dec 09 2014

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is meant to enhance your work environment, make processes and systems more efficient and reliable, and provide more accurate information in real-time. What ERP software should NOT do is replace human resources and creative talent among staff.

Think of your software as a new team member versus a replacement for your team. Here are some reasons why this is the best way to approach the installation of ERP software within your organization:

  1. People are more important than software systems. While there are many great technological advances available today to help your organization to achieve and succeed, it is the people that make your organization thrive. 

  2. By putting your team above technology, you increase staff morale and increase productivity. People need to feel important within your organization and complemented, not threatened, by new technologies. This psychology will work for you particularly well when beginning the planning stages of integrating a new software system within your business.

  3. Part of great leadership is the ability to incorporate software systems without making those systems take precedence over people and real human talent. Nothing can replace your human talent pool, even in the most perfect software environment.

  4. Software should always be viewed as an accent and a tool to human innovation. By communicating to your staff that you value them above the technologies, you will communicate the worth of what they do and increase their level of motivation.

  5. Total reliance on any non-human system is detrimental to the success of an organization and should be balanced with a healthy respect for the people who are in control of the systems.

When you implement a new software system, you want it to make things run more efficiently, complement what your employees do on a daily basis, and enhance the workplace in general. Great ERP software provides automation, databased systems, and organization that can only enhance what your staff already achieves.

It is a good leader who can communicate the message that software systems cannot – and should not – replace the real, human side of your organization.

Please contact Mantralogix so that we can help you with your business enterprise software needs. We put people before software, and that’s what makes us great.


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