Entrepreneurship at its best – an interview series with Kerry Mann – Part 2 of 2

Jan 31 2013

Left to right: Surjit Babra, Kerry Mann, Amandeep Dhillon 

In this post, we continue on the interview questions and answers from last week’s Part 1 of our Interview series with Kerry Mann.

Amandeep: Partners; Good idea? Bad idea?

Kerry: Just like a marriage you need to be picky. Some of the great things about having partners is shared ownership (financial and commitment). You really need to be quite honest with each other about what you can each bring to the partnership. You definitely want someone with similar values but with different skills sets. To be successful, you each need your own job description – and this needs to be put in writing! That way it’s clear who is responsible for what avoiding overlaps or worse, gaps! In my case, my wife is both my partner in life and very recently now in business. She has a very strong background in operations and H.R. and this allows for us to be great business partners. We both have very different jobs but a strong respect for the value we each bring to the growth of our company.

Amandeep: Looking back, how would you approach setting up your own business now compared to how you did it?

Kerry: I would have outsourced (not necessarily hired) the competencies that were not my strengths rather than trying to do it all myself – ex: hr, admin, marketing. This is not always something you can afford but you can hire out specific pieces so they are in place – which allows you to grow in very different ways. I also would have been more open to having mentor – peer or otherwise – to share the journey and get advice. As an entrepreur you forget that you also need personal development and coaching and if you don’t have a Board of Directors like most Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, being the boss can be a lonely place.

Amandeep: What is the most important ingredient for success (starting up and continuing to grow)?

Kerry: Passion! I truly enjoy supporting our customers and helping them to strengthen their businesses and coming up with innovative solutions. I feel passionate about it and it is important to feel that way about your business so you have the energy and drive to excel. People often make the mistake of thinking running your own business is cushy and that you can play golf every Friday. I love golf but even after running my own companies for over 20 years, I still have a huge handicap! You also have to be a risk taker! If there weren’t any risks, everyone would be an entrepreneur!

We hope you enjoyed this interview series. If you would like to ask any questions to Kerry directly, feel free to do so in our comments section below.

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