Enterprise wide planning with Sage X3

Nov 07 2014

The most critical area for an organization is planning for material and machines. Planning is one of the driving factor which makes an organization to be profitable or not. Enterprise wide planning with Sage X3 is very intuitive with the Enterprise Planning Workbench.

This tool is a single workbench for planners (machine and material) and schedulers giving them a holistic/hawk-eye view of demand and supply in a single window aiding in decision making.

The Enterprise Planning Workbench serves as a work queue for the planner. Based on the profile or role, access can also be controlled for material planners and shop planners separately to perform their respective functions. Here are some screen shots showing how this functionality works:


After selecting the transaction type for the workbench, based on the criteria, filters can be used to refine the actions to be performed in planning. The window displays the current status of demand and supply along with a message on its current status such as “No action required”/ “Late”/ “Early”.

Depending on the decision, you can right click and the respective line replenishment or fulfillment can be initiated by releasing the respective Purchase Order or Work Order in Planning or Firm Orders/Suggestions.


This single window makes it easy for a planner to make decisions without missing out any demand. After the decision is made further execution of the respective orders can be carried from the native/ traditional way in Sage X3.

After you right click the suggested work order line in the enterprise planning grid the system also has the capability to display the component availability status.



In summary here are the main advantages of Enterprise Planning Workbench:

  1. Single /Hawk eye view of Demand and Supply at the enterprise level
  2. Improved and optimized material planning
  3. Improved and optimized production scheduling
  4. Order prioritization in a much more controlled way with clarity in slippages or delays
  5. Better control via order prioritization on Adhoc Demands in Made to Stock /Made to Order Mix mode scenarios.

For further information on how to Optimize Material Requirement Planning and Machine Scheduling by using Sage X3 please call us at Toll Free Number 1-866-320-8922.

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