Employee Retention And Innovative Technology

Oct 19 2018
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Nowadays, the job market is fierce with top companies competing to attract the best talent in their industry. While many individuals focus on the position and salary that is offered, many also gear their decision of where and who they want to work with in regards to the innovative practices they not only employ but encourage in their business. There are many reasons why this is, but some to highlight are how the innovation you employ can set job expectations, allow for telecommuting, career development, and growth, as well as boost communication, collaboration and productivity to further the success of the business. In fact, all of these benefits can help you maintain good employee retention.


Accurate Information Can Set Job Expectations To Increase Employee Retention

Having an innovative workplace and showing others how innovative you are can help boost your employee retention because it can help set an expectation of the job and the company. The more information and awareness about the technology you use, the ideals you encourage, and the options you have, the more likely potential employees can anticipate whether they’ll be a good fit. This stems from how potential talent will apply to your business if you embody the innovation they desire. And if their assumptions of the workplace are the same as their experience once they’re hired, it could help them stay rather than resign and work for a competitor who is more innovative. Thus, improving your employee retention rate.


Innovation Can Boost  Communication, Collaboration, And Productivity

This may seem repetitive, but using the best tools and innovative technology to your business’ advantage can help your business do better. This stems from the idea that with more innovative tools, it’s assumed that you can not only streamline and automate operations, but you can help encourage your team to do more. And actually better retain them as you’re offering the most advanced tools to help lower their stress as they can get their work done efficiently and more productively. Essentially, keeping them happy with their position and duties. Choosing not to adopt innovation can cause employees to become frustrated if software or tools no longer help them, but rather, cause more problems as they’re outdated in comparison to others.


In fact, many businesses can see improved employee retention when they adopt new software such as Sage 100 Contractor, a program that helps you accomplish estimating, job costing, project management, and payroll tasks with ease. Sage 100 Contractor is a system that goes above and beyond a basic accounting software as it not only automates time-consuming tasks, but easily allows employees to jump between jobs within a single program. Eliminating the frustration, errors, unhappiness, and possible low employee retention rates that come when your team must use outdated technology.


Top Talent Want Telecommuting And Flexible Hours Options

As technology advances, the option to have flexible hours or remote work is desirable to employees and potential job prospects. Especially with work-life balance values increasing and becoming more important. So by adopting and embracing new technologies and tools that allow workers to remotely access, edit, upload, or download data and files, at any time, the more interested they are in not only applying, but staying in that position as it’s never guaranteed that they can have that flexibility elsewhere. So by staying ahead of your competitors and using innovation to allow your staff more flexibility, you can help your business retain your top talent and increase employee retention.


Employees Want Self-Growth And Career Development

Regardless of what industry someone is in, often it’s assumed that they want to further their skills and learn more so they don’t enter a ‘dead-end job’. When employees do this, they’re not only bettering themselves but the business as it becomes more innovative as a whole. This has been seen at Google by not only their Eight Pillars of Innovation, but their 20% rule that encourages employees to spend 20% of their time on projects that interest them. These projects have often led to concepts that Google deploys, as it benefits not only the happiness of that employee to follow their passion, but the success and motivation of the business. So, the more you courage your team to be innovative in learning and doing what interests them, the more they could feel enticed to stay with you rather than moving to work with an employer who may limit their self-growth and career development. Thus, allowing for innovative practices to increase employee retention.

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