Do You Need an ERP Consultant?

Jan 27 2016
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ERP systems have been implemented by literally thousands of businesses of all sizes and in every market sector. Many implementations have been extremely successful and the businesses have reaped huge benefits. Other businesses found only expensive undertakings fraught with missteps and failed projects.

One of the critical factors between achievement and failure is the engagement of competent and experienced consultants to guide a business through the critical phases of the project.

How an ERP Consultant Can Help You

  • Requirements definition – gathering, categorizing, and prioritizing business needs
  • Vendor analysis – matching potential vendors against requirements, including technical offerings and available platforms
  • Vendor evaluation and selection – assisting with narrowing the field of vendors and final selection
  • Implementation – utilizing best practices and organizational skills to formulate and execute an effective implementation strategy
  • Training – guiding in training of company personnel and in-house IT staff
  • Support – providing implementation and on-going support

Selecting the consultant or consulting group to guide your business through a successful ERP implementation is key to the success of the project.

Selecting the Right ERP Consultant

There are a number of important considerations when selecting an ERP consultant, whether it’s for a new initiative or on-going support and enhancements for a prior implementation.ERP consulting

  • Are they experienced in ERP system implementations with a track record of success?
  • Do they understand your business segment, and will they partner with your business to understand your operation in detail?
  • What levels of service can they provide for project initiation, planning, implementation, and training?
  • Can the consultants provide support throughout the project and in the future?

Selection of an experienced, trustworthy, financially stable consultant is a critical factor in the success of your ERP implementation and the transformation of your business throughout the process.

Mantralogix consultants possess the experience and knowledge necessary to help businesses achieve the benefits of a successful ERP implementation. We guide small and midsize companies from beginning to end, from identifying requirements and selecting a vendor all the way through implementation and training. Leverage Mantralogix’s expertise to implement an ERP solution that will bring your business value and a competitive advantage.

Find out how the Mantralogix Advantage can be your competitive advantage. For us it’s personal, not just business. Contact us today!

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