How Your Distribution Management System Could Be Letting You Down

Apr 12 2019
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For years your business could be seamlessly running with no known problems. But did you know, that even if your business has no known issues, it could be operating inefficiently? Meaning that even if there are no problems that are costing you time, money or resources, there could be underlying roadblocks halting your progress. This is incredibly important to look for in companies who are striving to be industry leaders and dominate in their fields.


How Can Underlying Roadblocks Halt Your Growth


It’s not unheard of for businesses to continue to run their operations with outdated or incorrect software with it appearing as though there are no issues. That’s why it’s always recommended for business owners to review their organization and speak to professionals on what they can do to help it run faster or more efficiently. And for many, their Distribution Management Systems are where they should place their focus if they want to excel and grow.


What To Look For In a Distribution Management System


Distribution Management Systems can seem confusing, especially when there are so many brands available. But, if you want to be an industry leader, it’s essential that you use software that is right for the unique needs of your business. For many, that includes looking for software that boosts productivity, functionality, technology, and value, while working to lower risk or errors.


Boosting Productivity


As one may assume, you will want a software that will increase productivity and limit work disruptions. But it’s important to note, that even if you think you are productive at the moment, you may still encounter many disruptions that halt work without realizing it. So if you’ve finally decided to no longer allow your software to interfere with workflow or be frustrating to use, you need to make sure that the new software you purchase can not only automatically complete updates outside of working hours, but is easy to learn, easy to use, is easily accessible, and can complete comprehensive reporting to limit mistakes. As well, it’s important to keep in mind that if your business is known worldwide, you will likely want your software to be able to handle different languages and currency.


Seamless Functionality


The functionality of software can make or break your business as it allows for specific or unique tasks to be completed in one location, rather than across multiple applications. So be sure that it can complete warehouse, accounting, quoting, inventory, sales, and reporting duties seamlessly. As well, you should look for software that embodies all of this and more on an autonomous level. Meaning, you can have all of these tasks completed at the press of a button, in one single application rather than manually, so your focus can be directed to more pressing matters.


Advanced Features


How advanced is the software you’re looking to purchase? As previously mentioned, software that is out of date can bring many limitations as it may need constant servicing or it may not embody the features your business needs. So be sure that it holds current and innovative technological benefits like being a True Cloud Software, having a responsive design, being user-friendly, or being customizable. Using software that is unable to complete any of these important factors means that you are likely using something that could be creating roadblocks for you and your team.


Focus On Value


How valuable is your current software in relation to a newer software? Often, more modern software options are drastically more valuable because they can do so much more, and in the end, actually allow companies to save money. So don’t be shy to look at all of the numbers. You’ll want to ensure that your software is worth what you’re paying. As well, it’s important to note that if you have many disruptions that halt work or if you have several services, it may be a more financially sound option to invest in a more expensive, but comprehensive software to make a positive difference to your bottom line.


Using new software can bring risk to any company. That’s why it’s important to only use tools that are approved for use in your industry and that have a reputation of being great. As your data will be connected to the cloud, you will want to be able to take advantage of backup and recovery options, as well as integrate it with other apps while having the vendor perform updates. Products like Acumatica’s Distribution Management System does all of this and more. As productivity, efficiency, and value is never overlooked, you can rest easy knowing that there is a low risk when switching to software like this. If you’re interested in learning more about how the Distribution Management System that your business is currently using could be unknowingly failing you, contact us today! Our experienced team will be more than happy to review your unique situation to ensure that you’re using software that is right for you.

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