Credit Mills Food Drive 2013

Oct 06 2013
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Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford, Executive Director of the Eden Community Food Bank

Credit Mills Food Drive

1636 lbs of food collected!

The 4th annual Credit Mills Kids Association food drive was another tremendous success! Who would have thought that in 4 years a little neighbourhood good will gesture started by Jess and Kerry Mann would end up in 6000 pounds of food collected for the Eden Community Food Bank? Well that’s exactly what happened! The kids of Credit Mills embarked on this cause by going door to door with flyers letting their neighbours know that they would come by and collect food just before Thanksgiving to make a neighbourhood contribution! And the neighbours responded! This year was no exception – last week the kids were out again in full force, accompanied by their proud parents in the Credit Mills and surrounding area. This year the food collected weighed in at 1636 pounds, a 40% increase year over year! The Credit Mills Kids Association is a group of approximately 24 kids, ranging in age from 5 to 18. Their energy is boundless as they work through their now familiar routine of designing, printing, and distributing flyers and then returning to each individual house to pick up the food. Once of the most endearing trend the kids have noticed is the number of neighbours anticipating the kids arrival and preparing bags of food in advance and leaving them at their doorsteps! Truly a gesture of support, caring, and efficiency all rolled into one! The Eden Community Food Bank is so thankful for this type of community partnership! They welcome the kids each year and spend time helping the kids to see the far reach of their initiative. In fact, with 1636 pounds of food, 22 people will receive 74 pounds of food!

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