Cloud Backup – What and When

Feb 02 2016
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Cloud computing has taken the business world by storm and it remains an increasingly effective solution for many companies’ IT infrastructures. There are varied approaches to cloud implementation that include private clouds, public clouds, or a hybrid solution where some applications may be retained within the walls of the enterprise while others are hosted in the public domain by third parties.

Cloud Backup Requirements

open_cloud_drawer.jpgRegardless of the approach to cloud adoption it is critical that CIOs and other technology leaders understand the security of critical business applications and data to ensure integrity of corporate assets and to provide reliable service to business users. A critical consideration is backup of applications and data. Cloud computing has many advantages that make moving to that infrastructure a viable alternative for business but the process of moving the applications and data to the cloud does not eliminate the need to protect that data for security and disaster recovery purposes.

Cloud Backup Strategy

Cloud backup services have much to offer businesses from the standpoints of flexibility, performance, and elimination of traditional tape backup limitations (media management, storage, durability, etc).

Frequency and scheduling of data backup depends of the volatility and critical nature of the content:

  • Server Images – monthly for most servers due to consistency, and also after any updates
  • Application configuration data – weekly due to moderate volatility yet the need to provide for recovery
  • Static databases – weekly; many enterprises can identify databases that are relatively static (shipping rates, control tables, or other data that is in fact business critical but updated infrequently)
  • Application-sensitive data – daily or even continuously – this is data critical to business operations that would cause business disruption or other financial loss if unavailable.

To accomplish these backup processes requires consideration of the level of business impact experienced to recover should restoring of the backup information be required. Experienced consultants or backup providers can offer guidance and options that should be considered for any particular business strategy. There are nearly as many options and alternatives as there are service providers.

Why You Should Choose Mantralogix

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