Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Work

Feb 12 2015

As we quickly approach Valentine’s Day 2015 the question arises: what is love?  Love is a feeling of attachment of deep affection for others – it is the act of caring about others in your life and can and should even extend to yourself (in fact that is the greatest love of all)!


Love is love – it should be an intention we have no matter who the receiver. What changes based on the relationship is the expression of that love. Depending on your life there is love for your significant other, children, parents, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, teachers, etc.

When you feel loving toward someone you want them to enjoy the happiness and joy to the extent that you feel it. You want them to have good health and feel good about themselves. How can this expressed for your work team?  After all you only work together.

At Mantralogix our team members mean the world to us and while we are connected to each other via our work mission (to look after our customers) we can’t do this without first looking after each other!  This is why this year one of the ways we are expressing our love for our team is by investing in their health!  We’ve started the Fitbit challenge and walking our way to a healthier lifestyle!

You may have heard that “sitting is the new smoking” – that sitting for long periods of time is harmful to your health.

Since most of us do need to commit to long hours in front of our computers we decided to purchase the Fitbit Zip for each of our interested team members and using the brilliant built in tools are having a lot of fun competing against each for the highest number of step walked for the next few months. And yes there are prizes!  But nothing more exciting that the benefits to our health!

Team members have already reporting a difference – checking in multiple times during the day to see how they rank. Some have admitted to walking around their house a couple of extra laps in their pj’s just to ensure they are keeping up and stretching towards their personal goals of 10,000 steps/ day (approx 5K).   Along with being good for your heart walking is also considered to be one of the best exercises for brain health – and that’s worth walking for!

The culture at Mantralogix is absolutely the thing I am most proud of (and protective of when we consider adding new team members) and I realize that it is a culture of love. It’s a culture of truly engaging your heart every day in the work that you do for customers and the learning that you share with your colleagues.  Our team has truly adopted the “pay it forward” philosophy reaching out to help new team members with the hopes that this will be contagious and others will also intuitively do the same!

Over the past few years the team has done some pretty spectacular things together to show that love has a place in the workplace. Last year the team volunteered together for a day at the Eden Community Food Bank. Also the team decided to pay $1/ week to dress down on Fridays and just before Christmas last year they donated $300 to Interval House, a shelter that helps women and children escape violence and rebuild their lives.  Let’s not forget our loving Mantralogix men – who let their facial hair go wild to support Movember and raised $1000 for that great cause!  Perhaps our most famous expression of love is the time our team takes to share some cake in celebration of each and every team member’s birthday!

So while the world celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14th, the Mantralogix team prefers to share their hearts every day.  It’s the Mantralogix way!

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