How to Celebrate World Backup Day in Style

Mar 31 2017

Did you hear? Today, March 31st is World Backup Day, an exciting day for all us technology folks. It’s a day where you can embrace backing up your files and the enjoyment we receive from knowing our vital information is safe and sound.

World Backup Day is also a day when we techy-types are able to remind you, those who are maybe not-so-techy, to take your data security seriously and back that stuff up!
Really, you should be doing this more often than just once a year, but we understand, things get busy, time passes, and we tend to forget. Today is a day when there are no excuses and you grab that external drive, or log into your cloud device, and run a backup.
Here the key message to remember is…
Your data is more valuable than your device!

Hardware is getting cheaper and cheaper, but your work, your photos and your information is expensive and even priceless. You can get a new computer or phone, but you may never recover that report that you were meant to present next week.
To avoid the feeling of complete despair, you act first before it happens by taking the time to back them up. So today, sit back, grab a nice coffee and watch those files transfer over.
Feeling overwhelmed? There are many easy options for you, we at Mantralogix can help. Contact us today!
Want to learn more about World Backup Day? Check out this link.

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