Is Your Business Ready For A Software Update?

Jun 25 2018
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Businesses change in so many ways and often need to implement new tools and strategies to meet their goals. While a lot of change may happen naturally without you noticing, some change may need to be more forcefully implemented by business owners so they can keep up with their industry. With this in mind, when was the last time you updated your business software?

What Problems May Arise

Choosing not to update your business software could have negative implications for the success of your company. This mainly stems from the fact that when businesses undergo changes, they are for the better of the company. Usually to improve productivity, efficiency or profit margins and not adopting new technologies may result in your business encountering more problems later on. Missed opportunities, lost customers and even project limitations are only a few to name. So regardless of your industry, you need always to be conscious of when you should update your business software. In fact, there are specific roadblocks that occur when you’re due to a software update.

If You Have Recently Changed Your Business Model Or Strategy

Changing your business model or strategy can significantly affect your software needs. Depending on your current growth, your internal processes, and your overall end goals, you may find yourself needing a more comprehensive software. Specifically, a software that embodies a variety of features such as project management, auditing, and payroll. Not having a single program that integrates all of these tasks could cause you to be less efficient as you may have to enter data multiple times, or the applications that you are using may be slow and limiting.

If You Notice That Your Productivity Or Efficiency Is Lacking

While auditing a business, many find that there are certain tasks where productivity and efficiency decreases or is lost. A lot of the time, this can be correlated to the type of software and technology that is being used. Meaning, it could be time to update the business software that is being used so productivity and efficiency can increase. In fact, many business owners find that new software can allow for new automation or management opportunities to further their company growth. 

If You Struggle To Use It

Using older technology or software doesn’t only pose productivity and efficiency problems, but it can also bring problems in regards to downtime. Specifically, the time that an employee must spend waiting for the software or technology to work. This can include waiting for servers to load, systems to reboot, or even waiting for programs to respond. Anything that causes your workflow to stop halts your productivity and can be detrimental if it causes your employees to fall behind on their workload.

If There Is Poor User Experience Or Inaccuracy

You shouldn’t have to struggle to complete tasks when you use your business software. In fact, your business software should eliminate inaccuracies from happening and be simple to use. When you’re faced with poor user experience and inaccurate data, you risk having future problems, and you lose precious time fixing any errors. Updating your business software ensures that your business can not only be accurate with all of its tasks (no matter how tedious it may be), but provide a seamless experience as well.

If You Need To Future-Proof Your Business

Future-proofing your business is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. Creating a plan to ensure that your business will stay viable and thrive in future years will help you remain profitable. Meaning, adopting innovative business practices to remain cutting edge will help you, and business software is part of this process. Time and time again we see businesses fail because they refused to future-proof themselves. One example is the Blockbuster empire and how Netflix quickly adopted what they couldn’t offer; a more convenient way to rent and watch movies. So if you want your business to stay viable in years to come, you need to adopt software that will help you stay successful as your industry adapts.

Regardless of why you think your business needs to update its software, every owner can agree that once they update their software to one that is tailored to their industry and goals, a lot changes. Not only can productivity and efficiency increase, but their security and user experience can improve. If you’ve experienced any of the signs above, it may be time to update your business software. Depending on your industry and your goals, we’re confident that Mantralogix has the solution for you.

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