Benefits of Microsoft Windows 10

windows10.jpgMicrosoft has been working on creating a more unified experience with its Windows product for many years. When Windows first became a staple in the business world there was 1 workstation installer and 3 server installers. Each server installer itself had up to 4 different install CD’s depending on the processor that type of software was for.

As Windows progressed, XP also began to follow this fragmentation of home and pro versions. With windows 7 Microsoft tried to curb this with the creation of an install CD that had the full Windows 7 system on it and would install different versions based on product key input at install time. With Windows 8 the experience became further unified as interfaces for Windows 8 begin looking like the interfaces on the Windows phones. At the same time a lighter version of Windows 8 (RT) for tablets was introduced causing some fragmentation. A new type of application called a “Universal App” was developed and sold at Microsoft stores. These apps were intended to run on all Windows 8 computers regardless of hardware.

Now that Windows 10 has been released, Microsoft is further trying to unify its systems. Windows 10 has refined resource management to run on lean systems very well. It can even be compacted at install time to fit on netbooks and systems with as little as 32GB of disk space. This is a big boon, considering a safe minimum for full Windows 7 was considered to be 75GB, and bare minimum of 45GB once all updates are in place.

Last month Microsoft released its latest phone, the Lumia 950. Loaded on the phone are universal apps that are the same as found on the PC; most familiar to users will be Outlook, Word, Excel, One Note, and PowerPoint. When paired with a special dock, the user can hook up a mouse, keyboard and regular size monitor. On the monitor the phone runs a Windows 10 interface exactly like any other computer, and the universal apps scale up giving users the same familiar interface as any desktop install of Microsoft Office.

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