Anticipating Customers’ Needs

Mar 02 2015

Here at Mantralogix, we are dedicated to Customer Experience, and delivering Customer Delight.  Have we perfected it yet?  Absolutely not.  But we’re laser-focused on getting there!

Investing in personnel and tools are two ways the leadership team is stepping up their game.  I mean, it’s my job to figure out what customer experience means to us, to our customers, and then to determine how we deliver on that – in a consistent, committed and deliberate manner.  Who has a better job, I ask you?!

A big piece of our Mission/Vision/Values statements focuses on anticipating our customers’ needs.  Not an easy task, especially given the wide breadth of customers we work with!  But one thing stands clear from our perspective – what can we do to make our customers’ lives easier?  The best way, in our estimation, is continuous dialogue and engagement with our customer base.

Ongoing dialogue can happen in many ways – through direct communication, email/phone/text or indirect, via our blog content or social media interactions.   One of the easiest ways for an IT company to learn to anticipate needs is to ask questions.  

Just recently, I was on vacation in Orlando, FL.  Disney is renowned for delivering an amazing customer experience, and they sure didn’t disappoint.  We had found a really great deal on Disney golf (seriously great deal, email me for details/tips!!), and booked a number of tee times at a few different courses.  Our first morning, everything went smoothly prior to tee time – expected, but still great that it went that way.  The real experience happened after our round.   Not only did someone come out to clean our clubs, but we were asked if we were playing any other rounds on our trip.  We answered yes, the next morning we were scheduled to play at another Disney course.  Right away, the attendant offered to have our clubs transferred for us – asked for our tee time, and said that the clubs would be on our cart 30 minutes prior so that we could warm up.  

Talk about anticipating our needs!!!   One simple question, and our experience was elevated from “great, meets expectations” to “amazing, beyond expectations!”  And, I couldn’t believe that even though we could a great deal, we received the full treatment.  

How on earth does that tie in to an IT company in Mississauga, serving small and medium sized (SMB) customers with ERP and IT needs, you ask?  The lesson I took away: it’s about the interaction – the dialogue – and empowering employees to make decisions that will best serve our customers, ultimately delivering on an experience that goes beyond just meeting expectations.  

So the next time you’re talking with a Mantralogix team member, and they’re asking questions, don’t shy away from engaging – it’s a potential opportunity for us to take your experience to the next level!!  Learn more about Mantralogix, and the work we do with SMBs – and feel free to share your experience with us at [email protected]. 


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