• Amardeep Kutlaria joins Mantralogix as IT Consultant

Amardeep KutlariaMantralogix is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member, Amardeep Kutlaria in the role of IT Consultant effective immediately.  Amardeep is a great addition to the high performing team at Mantralogix.

Amardeep has several years of experience in troubleshooting Level 1 & 2 technical issues related to Windows, MS Office, Servers, Active Directory, VMware, and has experience in software and hardware issues, service support, and providing after sales technical support. He completed a Bachelor in Technology in India followed by a Masters of Engineering from the University of Waterloo completed in the Fall of 2012.

“I want to thank ‘Sir G’ for making me a part of his team. I am excited to be at Mantralogix. After being here just a few weeks, I feel glad I made the right decision. I have learned to be patient with the responsibilities and work given to me. I am likely the youngest in the office and I want to GO after my goals! I am truly looking forward to the transformational journey of IT that we are all a part of!”