Account Level or Segment Level Access Rights in Sage 300

Oct 19 2015

In Sage 300, there are many ways you can setup user access rights.  The Security Groups in the Administrative Services is the most commonly used security configurations in Sage 300.  The next level security that is available in Sage 300 is the Account Level or Segment Level Access, known as G/L Security.  

Enabling G/L Security allows you to assign account access rights to individual users to control accounts that they can view and work with, to minimize the risk of unauthorized activities.  You may restrict access to specific accounts (like Cash, Retained Earnings, All Assets, etc…) or specific account segments (i.e. deny access to entire segments like Department or Cost Center).

Here are the steps to get you started:

  1. Select Use G/L Security in GL Options


Default Access:

All Accounts – all users will be given access to G/L accounts unless restrictions are setup in G/L Account Permissions.

No Accounts – all users (except ADMIN) are restricted to G/L accounts unless access is granted via G/L Account Permissions.

  1. Log out from Sage 300 and log back in.

  2. Select G/L Account Permissions in G/L Accounts.  Note that the Default Access specified in G/L Options determines on whether you will use this window to grant access or restrict access.

This is where you will setup the level of security that you wanted to grant or block for a specific user.

    1. Select the User.  This user should already exist in Sage 300.

    2. Select Yes in the Allow column if you want the user to have access to this segment range.

    3. On the Segment Tab, specify the Segment which you will use in determining the desired level of security.  


    1. Enter the range of segment codes which you will grant or restrict access.

    2. The Account Tab is used to specify ranges of accounts that you wish to grant or restrict permission to.


    1. Use Test button to check if the permission configuration is functioning as desired.


Note that this level of security works on top of the Security settings in Administrative Services.  Furthermore, security settings will only work if the security is enabled for the company.  

Need help setting Account Level or Segment Level Access Rights in Sage 300?  Call us at 1-866-320-8922 and we’d be pleased to assist you.

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