6 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Ransomware

Aug 25 2016

This past week, we received news of a new, aggressive ransomware making the rounds. This program is a new and particularly damaging virus-like program that is making the rounds, called [email protected]

It appears to come through email, or even by browsing an infected website. This virus-like program is corrupting and encrypting both documents and applications alike, and holding companies ransom. This could be damaging to your business and your clients so take some time to review the following tips to boost up your security and safety! These tips can also be used for other ransomware or security issues you may face.


Now would be a good time to: 

  • Verify that your backups are being properly rotated and stored offsite
  • Remind users about proper safety regarding internet activities and email use
  • Do not trust emails from people you do not know
  • Verify attachments from people you do know (in case they are infected)
  • Ensure effective and well configured firewalls are set up
  • Source anti-spam solutions with Antivirus capabilities built-in 


If you need more information on this virus like program or would like help from your friendly IT friends at Mantralogix to ensure you are secure against the virus please email [email protected]

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