6 Signs Your Company’s IT Department May Be in Technology Distress

Sep 10 2015

Do you worry that your information technology department is in distress and may not even know it? Do you ask yourself, “How does my IT department stack up against those in other companies like mine?”

Here are six signs that your business may be in technology distress:

1. You’re Running a Microsoft SBS (Small Business Server) Box 

It’s ok to start out with an SBS, but as you start to grow you’ll need several domains and possibly several locations. If you stay on an SBS, however, you’ll soon find yourself unable to sustain a complex network.

2. Your Employees Have Unnecessary Access to Servers 

Employees with unnecessary/ unlimited access to a network can inadvertently create miscommunication, confusion, double data entry, and otherwise avoidable errors.

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3. Your Network is Slow

If your network seems perpetually sluggish, you may have outdated cabling, a bandwidth bottleneck, a faulty wireless signal, or simply a poor service provider.

4. You Use Multiple Technology Providers 

best_practiceWho do employees call if the server crashes? A sure sign of technological distress in a company is multiple service providers and no one direct IT contact.

5. You Don’t Have an Acceptable Use Policy

Companies without an acceptable use policy are at risk of their employees illegally downloading items, contracting viruses, and facing other damaging issues from unregulated network usage.

6. You Have No Control/Don’t Keep Records of Licenses

Companies are more prone to technological complications and infringement of their own resources if they do not maintain clear records of licenses.

Do you have one or more of these issues? Mantralogix can help – let us guide you through the process of fixing these technological distresses and help you establish a program to avoid technology distress in the future. Contact us today.

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