5 Signs your Construction IT system is due for an overhaul

Mar 13 2017
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Your project management software and general IT (information technology) is the key to building a winning construction business. We all know that the construction business is rife with bumps – and even with an IT software, you can come across issues that leave you trailing behind your competitors. Ideally, you’d like to find a solution that will help you avoid pitfalls, and we have the solution for you.

Working closely with Mantralogix, a Sage business partner, will help you make sure you’re not left in the dust. Here are some ways to know if your IT system is due for an overhaul.

1. Run an IT review.
A fulsome IT review is important! By doing a review, a contractor can ensure that their IT applications and infrastructure are continually supporting your overall business goals and needs. If you’re working without doing reviews often, you can end up with a patchwork of software and hardware — none of which will work in your best interest. You can expect errors and profit leaks.

Reviewing your tools will also help you keep up-to-date with technology and even help you excel with updates and potential software enhancements that are included in annual software support.
2. When is the best time for a review?
Reviews shouldn’t be a one-time occurrence! A smart, savvy business person would know that this should be a regular part of their business. As your company grows and moves into different areas, your needs change — and so should your software system. Reviews should be done annually to ensure a high-functioning and efficient company. Mantralogix can help!
3. How is a review conducted? And how long does it take?

Working with a trusted Sage partner, a construction company can find ease in their review. We would be able to quickly review the software and identify the companies needs. By meeting with key players in the organization, and learning about their roles, challenges and frustrations, Mantralogix would be able to target the real needs of the organization.

4. What is typically covered in a review?

  • Staff skills.
  • All software applications in use or planned for implementation.
  • Process improvements.
  • Key IT projects or initiatives such as how to best deploy mobile devices and apps in the field.
  • IT infrastructure and budgets.
  • Cloud deployments.
  • Internal organization chart.
  • IT project review and backlog.
  • 1-, 3-, and 5-year plan.
  • Business changes such as new offices, acquisitions, or new lines of business.

5. What can you expect from a review as a final take-away?
 After working closely with your team, we provide you with a robust executive report, which includes our prioritized recommendations and strategy for implementation.
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