5 Reasons you should attend Sage Summit Toronto 2017

It’s true that in order to stay relevant you need to continue to learn and expand your knowledge!  Your customers — and your business demands it. Sage Summit 2017 is a great (and fun!) way to expand your business knowledge and spend time with others committed to their growth too.  In case you need more reasons to attend here are our top 5. Trust us on this one… we just got back from Sage Summit Atlanta so are definitely “in the know!”

Sage Summit hits Toronto!

  • That’s right – Sage is bringing all the learning, guest speakers and networking opportunities right to us!  We are thrilled that we can cut back on travel time and costs and instead spend the time with experts “sharpening our saws.”  Toronto in June – perfect!

Growing through learning

  • Just like our valued customers, Mantralogix also has a business to run.  During our time at Sage Summit Atlanta we leveraged the learning and time to “work on the business” which makes us so much better when we “work in the business.”  We found our thinking becoming more strategic, creative and started asking questions like “What’s next?”

It’s all about the people!

  • At Sage Summit there are people everywhere. People that work in similar industries, people that create and inform the tools that we use and people that are super experts in areas that benefit our businesses.  And like those of us attending Summit, they are also out of the office able to focus on OUR learning and growth.  Access to people that can truly make a difference in our personal growth and business growth is so rare and they are genuinely looking forward to helping you!

The future is here

  • As technology experts we think we know it all. And guess what? We don’t! At Sage Summit we learned about the latest and greatest technology trends and what it means to our business and to our customers’ businesses. Think Artificial Intelligence and Bots are just the stuff sci-fi movies are made of? Think again – they are already in production in Sage products and are coming to save us from the repetitive tasks we don’t want to do.  Come and learn more!

Time to get growing! Join us at Sage Summit Toronto. Here’s how:

  • We attended a few dozen sessions at Sage Summit Atlanta and took away great info from each session that will move our business forward. And for the $99 special Mantralogix rate for Sage Summit Toronto, inspiration comes at an awesome price.  Won’t you come and join us?

As an added bonus (call it the 6th reason why every SMB should attend Sage Summit Toronto 2017), Mantralogix will be hosting a Sage Summit After Party for our valued customers and partners.  So the learning and networking from the day will extend into the warm summer Toronto evening.  It really doesn’t get better than that!
Join Us for the Sage Summit After Party!

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