4 Ways Web-Based Construction Software Will Transform Your Business

Feb 20 2019
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Many construction companies still run their businesses on old technology they bought decades ago. Whether it’s because they assume it still works or because that was always the way things have been done, it doesn’t always mean it’s the best! Especially with technology changing. While some of these older solutions may still work, a lot of them are slow, inefficient or are not accessible from mobile devices.


Making matters worse, on top of older software systems being inefficient or inaccessible at times, it could also be costing your business more money! Meaning, the server requirement of where it needs to be installed, requires your office to complete additional maintenance and updates so there are limited delays or security discretions. Luckily, there are solutions to fix all of these problems. Meaning, in 2019, you could allow your team better access and more information, while saving money.


There are 4 ways web-based construction software can transform your business:
  1. Real-time collaboration from the office to the field to reduce construction delays.
  2. Improve data entry accuracy by eliminating double entry.
  3. The confidence to know what your team is working on at all times.
  4. Visibility into different departments tasks.



As you continue to search online for your next web-based construction software solution, there are a few more benefits of web-based solutions that you should consider. In addition to real-time collaboration options and visibility, you’ll have full access to company data, be able to customize workflows, move seamlessly through approval processes and reduce the turnaround time for decisions, while of course having better control over business operations.


Interested about some web-based construction software solutions we carry?

Check out the video below: 

Overview of Acumatica Construction Edition



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