Experience, expertise, and business management software solutions to help meet your Manufacturing Challenges!

Today’s manufacturers face new and continuing challenges. You must be able to: scale production up or down quickly in response to changes in demand; adapt rapidly to customer requests for complex configurations and customization; and identify your installed equipment base and provide optimal service. Further, you must meet these objectives without accumulating excess inventory that drains your cash reserves.

With these challenges comes the opportunity to outpace your competition. Companies that invest in their technology infrastructure to hone processes and improve efficiency thrive, while those content to rest on past successes fall behind.  Mantralogix understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing manufacturers. We have the experience, expertise, and business management software solutions to help meet your manufacturing challenges.

Manufacturing Industry solutions:

  • Sage X3

    Sage X3 is an enterprise business management solution that can help you run your businesses faster – and from anywhere. Sage X3 is not your typical enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. It’s simple to use, quick to implement, and both … Read More

  • Sage Alerts and Workflow

    Today’s business management software solutions capture a wealth of data – invaluable data – that you can utilize to make better, more proactive, and more strategic business decisions. It’s all too easy, though, to miss the opportunity to leverage this … Read More

  • Renovofyi

    Financial reporting software is crucial to any business functions, because financial information is the basis of business insight. For this reason, it’s also critical that financial reports are always current, accurate, and available to stakeholders who depend on them for … Read More

  • Sage Payment Solutions

    Level 3 Processing Data When Level 3 processing data flows into an ERP system, it becomes easy to classify detailed information, which can enhance decision making for your customers’, or even your own, business. It also allows accounting departments to … Read More

  • Sage 300 Online

    The Future Is in the Cloud Are you outgrowing your basic accounting software yet are hesitant to commit the resources required to implement a potentially complex Enterprise Resource Management system? It’s a common scenario facing many growing organizations. What’s the … Read More

  • Sage 300c

    Features Select your plan Sage 300c pricing is predominantly based on module packages and quantity of users. System Manager General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Optional (Custom) Fields Credit Card Processing Multi-Currency Inventory Control Serialized Inventory & Lot Tracking Sales … Read More

  • Sage 500 ERP

    Progressive enterprise organizations like yours demand a higher level of efficiency – tools that help streamline operations, deliver business insight, and keep your enterprise competitive. Read More

  • Sage PFW ERP

    Sage PFW ERP is a comprehensive financial, distribution, and process manufacturing solution for small to midsized businesses. Read More

  • Sage Fixed Assets

    According to industry statistics, most companies lose or do not properly account for five to twelve percent of their assets. A typical company need only lose track of seven percent of its fixed assets to significantly overpay taxes, a burden … Read More

  • Sage Business Intelligence

    Sage ERP Business Intelligence Reporting sets itself apart as a powerful easy-to-use reporting tool. The Sage Business Intelligence Reporting module empowers you to quickly and easily obtain the information required for improved operations and reporting across your entire business. Based … Read More

Related Case Studies:

  • CapsCanada: No Bitter Pills With Sage PFW

    Summary Challenge Spinning off from a soft-gel capsule manufacturer, CapsCanada wanted to maintain the same high-quality accounting and batch control standards as its former parent Solution Sage PFW implemented as an end-to-end system, with a complete suite of financial, manufacturing, … Read More

  • Sage PFW recommended by Prism Controller for other process manufacturers

    Summary Challenge DOS-based manufacturing software was slow and cumbersome, resulting in delays in production decisions, waste, and higher inventory costs due to overordering. Solution Sage PFW with the complete suite of core accounting and process manufacturing modules, integrating production and … Read More

  • Nylene Canada Runs Its Own Show With Sage 500 ERP

    Summary Challenge Newly autonomous $100 million firm needed economical ERP installed in just three months to manage all aspects of business and manufacturing operations Solution Sage 500 ERP with full complement of financial and manufacturing modules, providing enterprise-wide business management information Results System was successfully launched within extremely aggressive timeframe; has … Read More

  • Golden Artist Colors Paints a Rosey Picture With Sage ERP X3 Process

    Sage ERP X3 Customer Success Story – Golden Artist colors Summary Challenge GOLDEN sought to streamline the flow of information, improve inventory management, and enhance customer service levels Solution Sage ERP X3 was selected for its powerful MRP/MPS functionality and … Read More

  • Sage ERP X3 Spells Success for Manufacturing Company

    ABC Compounding was using an older manufacturing application that lacked essential tools such as planning, scheduling, and MRP. Sage ERP X3 offers a comprehensive suite of manufacturing Read More

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