Managed IT Services

No time for downtime.

Outsourcing the health and welfare of your company’s vital IT infrastructure makes smart business sense. In addition to freeing your internal staff to work on strategic and revenue-generating activities, outsourcing – even on a small scale – can save your organization money.1

We can help align your IT infrastructure with your business needs and free up human and financial resources to innovate and explore new ways of doing business. Whether you’re looking to outsource all aspects of your IT infrastructure, or want to augment the talents of your in-house team, Mantralogix is ready to help with the following services:

Monitoring and Alerting

By proactively monitoring all facets of your network and server operations – 24/7, we are able to instantly identify anomalies or signs and trouble and take early and preventative action to keep all systems up and running efficiently.

Remote Support

Using industry best practices, our team will perform a range of preventative maintenance tasks that keep: systems up to date, patches installed, backup routines running and tested, servers tuned-up, updates installed and disk maintained.

Preventative Maintenance

Remote IT support is both economical and effective. Our remote support is delivered quickly, at your convenience, by our professional team of technicians and consultants. Remote support extends to all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, switches, firewalls, and more.

Spam and Malware Protection

We live in the Internet of Everything (IOE) age, and with the power and efficiency of that comes significant risk. Spam and malware are terms that strike angst and anxiety in every user that is connected to the Internet. As part of our Managed IT Services offering, we successfully battle both, deploying tools that identify and block unwanted, inappropriate and malicious content. We will help you effectively manage the risks so you can reap the benefits technology brings.

Data Backup Solutions

Hardware failure, human error, software corruption and virus infection are among the leading causes of data loss. Even a minor data loss can have major ramifications for your business operations. Deploying a bulletproof backup solution should not be considered optional – your business’s very existence may depend on your ability to prevent a major data loss event. Our team utilizes industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to ensure your backup and restore systems will be ready should you need them. Cloud storage can be an ideal data backup solution, and options in this area are increasingly compelling. Trust that we will help your organization select, deploy, maintain, monitor and test the most effective backup solution.

Mobile Device Management

Mantralogix can help with the administration of your organization’s mobile devices, including smart phones, tablet computers and laptops. Whether you employ a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, or issue equipment to your staff, security, updates, connectivity and proper usage are all vital considerations that we can help you manage and maintain.

Data Center Relocation

A successful move of your data center operations requires careful planning and skilled execution – and Mantralogix can assist with both. From logistics planning through dismantlement, shipping and transport through power up, our experienced team is ready to help.

Server and Desktop Management

Servers and desktops are on the frontline of technology in your organization, serving as the interface between people and data. Keeping them running smoothly, reliably and securely is vital. As part of our Managed IT Service offering, our team of engineers and consultants will take responsibility for all aspects of the management of these resources, including installation, configuration, software updates, virtualization, backups, security, and helpdesk enabling you to focus on running a successful operation.

1Trends in Managed Services, CompTIA, October 2011.

Let’s talk technology.

"When we have a hardware or network problem, someone is working on it within the hour. They have all of our IT needs covered."

The importance of your company’s data and the technology infrastructure that receives, sends, captures, stores and retrieves that data would be difficult to over emphasize. Even a few moments of downtime can have a significant impact on your operations, your service, and your reputation.

Technology today is vast, pervasive, dynamic and complex. To stay on top of all the aspects and applications of technology deployed in your organization would require more time and resources than most companies can spare. We like to say we simplify technology by bringing a human face to the services we offer and ensuring that we’re always deploying technology with a purpose, not simply because it’s the newest and flashiest.

We provide a full complement of IT infrastructure solutions designed around a central objective - enabling you to keep doing what you do best - knowing that your technology systems are operating at peak efficiency.

Full service or a la carte

From a full outsourced managed services offering including monitoring and alerting, backup and preventative maintenance, through risk assessment and disaster recovery, Mantralogix provides a degree of expertise that’s difficult for SMBs to build and retain in house. Leverage our expertise to augment the talents of your internal IT staff, engage us for special technology projects, or rely on our team as your virtual IT department.

We get IT

Trusting your IT needs to Mantralogix allows you to focus your attention and your resources on what you do best, running a successful business. You could say, "We get IT" - because even when we’re talking technology, we put people first.

How can we help you?

We provide you with experience and expertise in implementing strategic business infrastructures that deliver shareholder value by increasing profitability, efficiencies, and business continuity.Certifications and Areas of Expertise

Certifications and Areas of Expertise

In an industry that continues to change and evolve rapidly, it pays to have the resources devoted to staying on top of those changes. Our engineering and consulting teams continually evaluate new and changing technology, embracing the solutions that are proving to be best in class, and then obtaining the knowledge, training, experience and certifications necessary to effectively deploy those solutions.

While fancy titles and certifications titles don’t solve problems or increase your return on investment, the knowledge, experience, and training that are amassed behind those titles certainly can.

  • Microsoft MCP, MCSE, MCDBA, MCSA Security and Messaging
  • Microsoft Exchange and SQL Certification
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Watchguard, Veritas, Symantec
  • Sage Authorized Partner, Gold Development Partner

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