• Slow Profit Leaks- 30 Minute Leak Detection Walk Through

Have Us Join You for a Leak-Detection Walk Through

When cash flow is tight and margins are slim, many business owners/ leaders look for quick ways to leakyboat-936966-editedincrease sales in the hopes of increasing their margins. However, that poor cash flow may be caused by things that are just beyond your peripheral vision. Things we refer to as profit leaks.

Sign up now and we’ll spend 30 minutes with you as we walk through your facility and systems to help you identify those profit leaks which impact revenue.

We’ll look at the following causes of profit leaks:

  • Poor Costing 
  • Productivity Hits 
  • Chargebacks 
  • Management by Exception Opportunities
  • Repetitive Data Entry.
  • Reporting in Excel (and where it may be done more effectively)