Impressive benefits from software migration

The Challenge

Stuart Brothers was using Platinum for Windows (PFW), a product for which support was ending. They needed greater flexibility for their purchasing and sales recording. Additionally, all costs had to be manually calculated for all inventory since their current system didn’t account for other costs and impacts. They also needed to rethink the conversion factors when it came to the way they measured and sold their existing products.

Here's How We Helped

The switch to Sage 300 allowed Stuart Brothers to record local sales in TT (Trinidad & Tobago) Dollars and export sales in US Dollars and be able to report in whichever currency they wanted.
- Implemented new inventory software within 3 months
- Business evaluation & developement of cohesive strategy
- Sage 300 Enterprise System

The Results

Stuart Brothers can report in whichever currency they prefer. The new software allows them to bring all costs together to get a true landed cost for inventory and raw materials. Basic core operations were up and running within 3 months and five employees received in-person training and additional support.

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  • Migration saved the entire team 2 days of work each month
  • They have more time to work with clients & shipping efficiency
  • Time & reporting savings has improved other inefficiencies
The explanations, education, and the detail that the Mantralogix people go into explain what has to happen or why it happens, and the sort of backup that you get from them is top of the line…
Haroun Hosein, Financial Director