CLIENT STORIES Discovers Multicompany Harmony Thanks to Sage Intelligence Reporting

The Challenge

The challenge for Tony Severin, the Chief Financial Officer of, was to provide decision makers with timely, accurate reports that consolidated information from nine companies and five currencies. Their traditional system lacked the internal structure required to provide consistent multicompany and multicurrency reporting and translating that data in an accessible way. For this reason, Tony reached out to Mantralogix for a new solution.

Here's How We Helped

Tony can now tweak or generate ad-hoc reports using the Report Designer. To date, the accounts and regional departments at have used Sage Intelligence to generate financial reports, income statements, balance sheets, banking reports and so forth. This access to timely, actionable and accurate information in the relevant exchange rate needed has resulted in a significant increase in business efficiency.
- Implemented Sage Intelligence Reporting.
- Created and formatted Financial Reports.
- Increased understanding and implementation.
- Sage Intelligence Reporting

The Results was able to consolidate nine companies with five different currencies, all of whom follow generally accepted accounting principles. Partners now receive monthly consolidated reports from Tony and his team. is now aiming to create dashboards for customers and is looking forward to even greater analysis and efficiencies.

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  • Information from nine companies and five currencies can be actioned.
  • Financial information can influence decision-making
“The time saved since using Intelligence Reporting equates to one resource no longer being needed plus one week’s saving.”
Tony Severin, Chief Financial Officer,