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Belmont Meats had been using an aging AS/400 system that did not provide the robust feature set and specific manufacturing functionality this $100 million company needs to continue its growth and success.

Sage ERP X3 was selected for its reputation within the food industry, its ease of implementation, its value proposition, and the availability of a talented local support team.

The software supports the company’s varied manufacturing models and the complex costing and distribution channels. Exception reporting helps staff focus on solving potential problems quickly. Reliable production data challenges staff to seek efficiencies and build better workflows.

We are fortunate to have a partner that understands the product and our industry very well.

Established in 1966, Belmont Meats Ltd. is a manufacturer, processor, and distributor of quality meat products. The company’s burgers and steaks are sold in the restaurants and stores of some of the biggest names in business. With annual revenues exceeding $100 million and an unmatched reputation for quality, value, and service, Belmont Meats knows how to run a successful business. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Belmont Meats selected to grow its business on is Sage ERP X3 backed by the expert team at Mantralogix.

Live in just four months

Until recently, the company ran its operations on an aging AS/400 system. “It was no longer cutting it,” recalls Ryad Ali, Director of Finance and IT for Belmont Meats. “We needed something much more robust. We wanted an ERP system that is designed for the food industry, is easy to use, fast to implement, and cost effective. Plus we wanted local support for the software. We found all of that in Sage ERP X3 and Mantralogix.”

With the help of Mantralogix, Belmont Meats was live on Sage ERP X3 in just four months. “We approached it sensibly, implementing the basics first and building one solid, cohesive platform,” explains Ali. “We are fortunate to have a partner that understands the product and our industry very well.”

Support for multiple manufacturing models

Belmont Meat’s manufacturing activities are unique in that some of its products follow a process manufacturing model, using recipes of ingredients that combine to make the finished product, while other products are yield based, with variable pounds of a raw ingredient netting some number of ready-to-sell items. “The costing for those two types of manufacturing is very different,” notes Ali. “We are able to support both models easily in Sage ERP X3.”

Lot tracking is vitally important to Belmont Meats, from both a regulatory compliance and quality control standpoint. Sage ERP X3 provides complete forward and backward lot traceability for each ingredient and finished item, as well as shelf-life management with expiration date control.

Tight cost control

The company’s purchasing and distribution process can be complex, but the sophisticated inventory management functionality within Sage ERP X3 ensures that products are accurately procured, tracked, and accounted for throughout the production process.

“We might receive a shipment from one supplier, and there will be other associated invoices from other suppliers for freight or additional charges—all of which need to be included in the total product cost,” explains Ali. “Without a sophisticated ERP system like Sage ERP X3, this type of accounting is very difficult.”

With customers and suppliers across Canada and the United States, Belmont Meats makes good use of the multicurrency features in Sage ERP X3. And with the company’s utilization of third-party logistics providers, the ability to easily transfer products between warehouse locations is appreciated.

Access to actionable data

Ali explains that one of the biggest overall benefits the company realizes with Sage ERP X3 is direct access to actionable business data. “The software collects and tracks a tremendous amount of data and makes that data accessible for use in business decision making,” he says. “We are taking deep dives into the data and uncovering facts about our production process. Now we have accurate data we use to make fact-based decisions.”

Staff continues to learn to leverage the extensive data available, using it to improve processes and refine workflows. “I’ve noticed a change in thinking at Belmont Meats,” Ali says. “Increasingly we are questioning old ways of doing things and challenging the status quo. We’ve seen what access to current, reliable data can do, and it’s changing the way we work.”

In operating a busy, fast-paced operation like Belmont Meats, management and staff alike find the ability to manage by exception invaluable. “The exception reporting in Sage ERP X3 is powerful,” says Ali. “Sage ERP X3 alerts us when there are anomalies in the data, allowing us to quickly take action. For example, each day as we do our production reporting, we can detect immediately if the yield is out of range. Previously, by the time we got around to generating those reports, it was too late to take the appropriate action.”

He concludes, “Sage ERP X3 is a strong application, well suited to the food manufacturing industry. It is quick to implement, easy to use, and the support from Mantralogix is superb!”

Sage ERP X3 is a strong application, well suited to the food manufacturing industry. It is quick to implement, easy to use, and the support from Mantralogix is superb!” – Ryad Ali, Director of Finance & IT, Belmont Meats Ltd.