• IT Services and Sage 300 support leads to a successful partnership with CJN



The Canadian Jewish News was disappointed with the level of support it was receiving from its Sage 300 vendor.


CJN has long relied on Mantralogix for IT support services. When CJN’s ERP former vendor was unable to help with a major software update, the organization used the opportunity to move their software support to Mantralogix.


Mantralogix serves as a single-source provider to support both the company’s IT and ERP systems, resulting in a higher level of service.  Mantralogix successfully providing IT services and Sage 300 support has lead to a successful partnership with CJN.



The Canadian Jewish News (CJN) is Canada’s largest weekly Jewish newspaper. With a circulation of 40,000, it is an independent paper which prides itself on being a forum for diverse points of view on subjects of interest and relevance to the Jewish community. Anchored by news-gathering offices in Toronto and Montreal, and with correspondents across Canada and in Israel, CJN provides its readers with news from throughout the world.

The newspaper industry has seen a lot of changes over the years, but for CJN, one thing remains unchanged: their partnership with the professional consulting team of Mantralogix, Inc.

Long-Term Partnership 

Mantralogix has served as CJN’s outsourced IT provider for many years, maintaining and updating servers and workstations at both of the company’s locations. “Mantralogix is superb,” Jamieson says. “They are exceptionally talented technically. We could not afford to maintain the level and breadth of expertise in house, so to have their resources available to us is ideal.”

More recently, Mantralogix began supporting CJN’s Sage 300 application, and has proven to be a valuable partner in this aspect as well.

Changing with the Times 

CJN has been using Sage 300 (formerly Sage Accpac) for nearly two decades, beginning with a single user license for the General Ledger module. “We later added Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable,” recalls Carol Jamieson, Controller for CJN. “It worked so well that we did not bother to update it for years. Later, when needed to update, our vendor was not able to help us. They just weren’t up to the challenge.”

CJN required a higher level of service than their vendor was able to provide, so it turned to Mantralogix for assistance.

“When we realized that Mantralogix could also support our Sage 300 system, we jumped at the opportunity,” says Jamieson. “We are so pleased with Mantralogix’s IT services; and we really count on them for our financial software support as well. They have proven to be just as excellent in this regard as they have been for our IT needs.”

Single-Source Provider

Mantralogix successfully completed the major update and since has guided CJN through several updates of Sage 300, keeping the system current to enable the company to take advantage of new features and functionality as they are introduced.

CJN appreciates the advantages of having a single-source provider. “We make one call when we have questions or an issue. There is no finger pointing as there might be with multiple vendors. This is a huge benefit to our organization where we are all busy and focused on our jobs,” says Jamieson. “It is wonderful to know that when we turn to Mantralogix they will make it right. We never have given them an issue that they were unable to resolve.”

Flexible, Scalable Solution

Throughout the changes, Sage 300 continues to serve CJN’s business needs. Jamieson describes CJN’s use of Sage 300 as straightforward accounting and financial reporting, but that doesn’t mean that the value of the software to the company is diminished. “We rely on it heavily,” she says. “Our financial statements are fairly complex and detailed, and we are able to produce them easily from Sage 300. I also like that I am able to run statements from years past, all with the same level of detail as the current statements.”

A Dedicated Team

While the technical expertise of Mantralogix’s team continues to impress CJN, Jamieson notes that it is the team’s responsiveness and dedication that she values most highly. “The dedication of the individuals at Mantralogix is wonderful,” she says. “They respond to our communications quickly, they are willing to work in off hours to accommodate us, and they stay on an issue until it is resolved. We feel like they have our best interests in mind – as though they are part of our team.”