2014 Mantralogix Team Member of the Year!

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Posted by Jess

Drum roll please!! This is an exciting time at Mantralogix! We have established an annual recognition program for the team member who shows the most Mantralogix spirit! AND we have announced our first winner for the 2014 Mantralogix Team Member of the Year!

But just before we tell you who the winner is ….let’s be clear….this is no easy feat! The winner was chosen from a group of high performers; arguably one of the best teams anywhere! Our team members come to work each day and pour themselves into their craft, constantly adding value for our customers and our organization and continually upgrading themselves. They do this with passion and don’t stop until they achieve their personal best! The best part is that they also have alot of fun along the way and that is contagious (and also what keeps us so young looking)!

So how do you go about choosing only one person to recognize for this award? Well, it’s back to basics. We revisited the Mantralogix Balanced Scorecard which outline the 4 areas we know we have to win in in order to continue to be a successful organization! We looked at the 4 quadrants of customers, employees, operations, and financial impact and specific objectives under each one of these. Layered on this we reviewed our core values and reflected on which team members exemplify these to the fullest in their day to day work. Values such as transparency, relationships, collaboration, respect, diversity, and passion for one’s craft. We took all of the above factors and considered which team member consistently demonstrates these values and exceeds expectations in terms of objectives we have set out for ourselves. We also considered which team member has invested in their own learning and development.


While a daunting task to choose only one person, this year’s winner was clear when using this systematic approach. The Mantralogix leadership team (Kerry and Jess) are proud to announce Jackie Qiu (Senior Developer) as THE Mantralogix Team Member of 2014! Congratulations Jackie – we could not be more proud of you and we want to THANK YOU for all that you do for our customers, our team, and our industry! You are an amazing husband and dad too!

We have received such delightful feedback about Jackie from a number of customers. In the 3 years Jackie has been with us, customers have shared that they find Jackie to be easy to work with, efficient, and an expert at what he does. Operationally Jackie has been involved with a number of internal projects always making time for his colleagues to support joint initiatives. Jackie is always available to collaborate and help others in their development. He has continued to further his industry knowledge too. All of this has helped Mantralogix to grow and continue to be strong!


You’ve read in our previous blogs that the best part of working at Mantralogix is the team that we have been fortunate to bring together. We consider our team to be our greatest gift!

  • Jazz Soor

    It is true that we do have the best team on the street, so this decision was definitely not easy. Jackie you are absolutely deserving of this recognition and I am very happy for you!

  • Michelle Ronquillo Buensuceso

    Best team indeed, coming from the best parts of the world! Go Team Mantra!

    Congratulations Jackie! You make the most challenging project a fun project. Thanks for keeping a positive spirit.

  • Jackie Qiu

    Really appreciate Kerry and Jess for giving such heavy and rich award to me! It’s great honor for me and my family. Thank you for your leadership and kindly help in last 3 years. I also want to say thanks to our team. My every achievement is because of your great support! Thanks again to all of you!!!

  • Congratulations Jackie! You made all of us inspired.

  • TEAM is just a fancy name for family at work.
    Congratulations Jackie! You definitely deserve the award!

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