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Mantralogix ERP, CRM & BI Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Starting and running a company is tough work. Starting and running a company in an emerging, new industry is even harder.

That’s where Mantralogix steps in. With 20+ years experience and a track record of success, we’ve partnered with leading and emerging cannabis industry experts to help you better understand your business. As you grow your cannabis business, allow us to be there to help keep your business on the up-and-up and provide you with clear insights into operations that will help you make regulatory compliance a breeze!

Read more to learn how we can make the difference for your business.


We work with you to make your chosen ERP system work, from start to finish. We are committed to supporting you through your journey, and aim to make your seed-to-sale experience easy, affordable and accessible – all while focusing on the people.

We understand the strains and ensuring compliance with Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) can be intricate. Our solutions help you track your operations, from seed-to-sale, with all your compliance needs handled along the way.


Our team will be there with you to ensure every part of your Seed-to-Sale business is taken care of.

  • Hassle-free implementation – Get up and running in no time, as well as get your team on board with our human-first training approach.
  • Seamless compliance – Aiding you with the tools and education to provide regulatory bodies with access to the most important data.
  • Simple reporting – Let us help you track and follow all your efforts in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Support and assistance – We’ll be there every step of the way, while providing you with complete security. Don’t jeopardize your brand and reputation. We’ll teach you our time-tested tips to keep all of your information and your business safe.


Automate your business, so you can focus on what really matters. Our team will make your ERP solution work for you and your company.

Instead of a patchwork of solutions to cater to your needs, why not just try one? Avoid issues with regulation, efficiencies and compliance with Mantralogix’s Seed-to-Sale solution.

We know that cultivation facilities have a lot of moving parts. We’re here to help streamline that process by providing you with the support you need so you can work on maximizing yields and profits. A strong piece of software is your key to success, so let Mantralogix help you implement it in this rapid-paced and exciting industry – don’t be left behind!


We invite you to further explore the strengths capabilities of our team by contacting a Mantralogix Seed-to-Sale expert now to discuss your organization’s goals and challenges.

We all know that the cannabis industry is a highly regulated market. So much so, that one mistake could shut down your operations. Don’t take a chance. We can make compliance easy.


Testimonial: Acumatica Cloud ERP Solutions for your business in this rapidly growing industry.

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